What we do

Wignall Media can help you create the best strategies and use the best tools to reach your customers and constituents.


Online media development and production

From information graphics to online digital video we can design and produce interesting, effective media for your use online or on traditional broadcast media.

Photographs, images, maps and more can be easily produced for web sites or combined with video and audio to produce rich media. Sound recording for radio and podcasts can add another dimension to your ability to reach people.


Message creation, marketing and writing

Marketing and advertising are undergoing an extraordinary transformation – from mass marketing to personal engagement. It is consumers, connected to you through cell phones, web sites and new media who are transforming the way you communicate with them.

Our core online marketing services include planning, designing your message, message management, online media design, planning and buying, and social media development. Your market plan must reach the right people with the right message and create awareness and interest.

We will plan and prepare complete communications campaigns incorporating email, social media, direct mail, television, radio and collateral efforts that reach targeted audiences at the right time and on budget.

Design Services

Design, production, recording and graphics 

Planning – We will design an advertising plan specific to your needs. Buying online advertising ‘space’ – Wignall Media can secure advertising placements in ad networks or with specific website publishers.

Advertising design – We can design the graphics that best support your plan and goals using your logos and designs or by creating custom graphics.

Traffic & Tracking – We will set up and track the ad campaign in easy to understand reports. We will review the ad campaign daily and apply any necessary optimization including shifting ad impressions, discontinuing placements or buys or changing ad strategies.

Technology consulting

Connecting people with technology

Internet technologies, smart phone apps, blogs and dozens of new communication media can overwhelm anyone. Sometimes learning about the right tool is half the battle.

Wignall Media can provide you with planning and training needed to tame the beast of new technologies. We can answer questions, provide best-fit recommendations and point you to resources that answer your questions the first time, in plain English.

Before you buy a new office computer or set up your blog– send us an email and see if we can help.

Instructional Design

Creating high quality training and educational environments calls for a deep set of skills. Wignall Media can work with you to plan your online or hybrid training courses, create web-based learning environments or produce learning objects that support your specific needs.

We have extensive experience in creating instructional objectives, building content, producing learning objects and designing assessments. We offer on-site workshops, direct support in building media and assessments and a set of planning tools that let you take control of building programs and courses.

Recent Posts

Advertising- planning and design basics

Advertising, one fourth of any good marketing plan, requires planning and focus. The following elements are the minimum essentials to consider. An investment in deep planning within each element will pay off as you gain feedback and information along the way.

Step 1: Define yourself, your company, your product or service.

Your advertising can’t be creative and remarkable if you are not sure about what you are promoting or selling. You might spend millions of dollars on brilliant special effects images of a fish piloting the space shuttle over an ocean of blueberries, but it will not help you if you were intending to sell furniture to people who live in the city near your furniture store. You can waste an enormous amount of money and time on advertising that does not meet your most basic objectives. To understand the objective you have to fundamentally understand what you are trying to do.

Step 2: Choose your audience
Who do you want to reach with your advertising messages? Who are you targeting?

  • Age
  • Nationality/geography
  • Gender
  • Interests/desires/behaviors
  • Knowledge or awareness level
  • Etc.

Step 3: Choose an objective
Ask your audience what they need. What do you hope you audience will do with the information your advertising is providing?

  • Are you defining your brand? Answer the ‘who’ question
  • Are you building awareness? Answer the ‘what’ question
  • Explaining how to take an action? Create a call for action
  • Changing a perception? Answer the ‘why’ question
  • Introducing a new feature, program, or initiative? Answer the ‘how’ question

Step 4: Develop your message
Ask your audience what is important to them. Using your defined target audience outline the basic things you want to say.

  • Consider what your audience is asking for
  • Align your message with your objective
  • Keep it brief
  • Be specific

Create a website for your audience to see next as a follow-up, a place to learn more, or a place to take the first action step. Choose a URL that your ad will point to based on the content for the ad(s). This is a landing page.

Step 5: Choose words, then sounds, then images that support your message
This is where so many people want to begin. Media is the creative, exciting stuff of advertising. For obvious reasons it should be the last thing done, informed by all the previous steps.

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